Green Nanny First Quarter Update

Green Nanny LLC, a company focused on helping cannabis cultivators digitally mature, has had a busy first quarter of 2023. The company is moving away from being a side-hustle and has been working with partners to deliver solutions. Green Nanny has developed a maturity model to help cultivators progress from using a pencil and clipboard to a digital platform. Over the next three months, Green Nanny plans to release several products and services to help cultivators achieve digital maturity, including a Notion Workspace Template, a self-assessment tool, and integrations with partner products.

Establishing a Technology Vision for a Cannabis Business IT Department

This document discusses how IT Managers in the cannabis industry can create a successful technology vision for their IT department. It outlines key points to consider, such as establishing clear objectives, understanding the technology needs, planning for the future, and assessing the current systems and infrastructure. It provides advice on how to align business goals to the technology vision and how to use collaborative tools to discover opportunities related to desired business outcomes.