Your Cultivation is Powered by People. Assist them with GrowerInTheLoop’s Billy Botanic

Green Nanny’s GrowerInTheLoop is a specialized AI platform designed for cannabis cultivation. It provides growers with tools for addressing cultivation questions, examining growth data, and creating customized agents tailored to the needs of your cannabis operartions.

  • Real-Time Data and Analytics
  • Streamlined Communication & Collaboration
  • Customized Guidance & Support

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What does it mean to join a pre-release BETA program

Frequently Asked Questions about the GITL and Billy Pre-Release Program

Why should I participate in the GITL and Billy BETA Pre-Release Program?

By joining our BETA program, you’ll be at the forefront of innovative tools that are being developed with real-world challenges in mind. As an early adopter, you not only get to influence the product’s direction but also gain early access to solutions tailored to your needs.

What can I expect once I sign up?

Upon signing up, you’ll receive a comprehensive digital welcome kit. This will guide you through the program’s expectations and the contributions you’ll make. Additionally, an initial video discussion will be conducted to personalize your experience further.

How will I communicate with the team during the BETA phase?

We’ve set up a designated collaboration platform on Discord, supplemented by the Billy Botanic communication tool. On Discord, there will be channels dedicated to various discussions, including feature requests, bug reports, and general updates.

What is the frequency of updates?

We follow an iterative development cycle, with 2-week sprints. After each sprint’s development, a testing phase is introduced for customers to try out the latest features. You’ll also be kept informed through monthly newsletters highlighting significant milestones.

How will my feedback be used?

Your feedback is instrumental. After each testing phase, we’ll collect your input to help set objectives for the upcoming sprint. This ensures that the product evolves closely aligned with users’ needs.

Will there be any live interactions?

Absolutely. Bi-weekly office hours on Discord have been set up, where you can join a live video call to discuss progress, ask questions, and provide direct feedback.

How will this program help optimize my time?

Our aim is to respect and optimize your time. With systems like GrowerInTheLoop, repetitive tasks like dispatching kits and reminders are automated. Billy Botanic also assists in support duties, from answering FAQs to scheduling sessions. Asynchronous communication on Discord lets you engage on your schedule. In the software development world, this is known as “eating our own dogfood.”

What happens during the pre-release and launch?

After several sprints and iterative developments, a beta version will be released for broader testing. Your feedback will then shape the final product. As a gesture of gratitude, the first 5-10 customers might receive exclusive offers or discounts upon the product’s full-scale launch.

Will the engagement end after the product launch?

No, the product’s release doesn’t signify the end of our collaboration. We value continuous feedback and will keep refining the product based on post-launch insights. Channels will remain open for ongoing dialogue.

Are there any plans for scaling or challenges anticipated?

As with any ambitious project, scaling needs might arise, especially in managing feedback. We’re already contemplating measures like expanding our team or integrating more advanced customer interaction tools. Backup plans, such as exploring other domains, are also in place.

Why are there mentions of “potential gaps” in the program details?

We believe in transparency. Identifying potential challenges helps us prepare better and keeps you informed. By being aware, we can collaboratively address them, ensuring a smoother BETA experience.

How can I stay updated on the program’s progress?

Monthly newsletters will be circulated, highlighting milestone achievements, customer feedback influence, and teasers of upcoming features.

Is there a dedicated support team during the BETA phase?

While we leverage tools like Billy Botanic for basic support, our team remains actively engaged through platforms like Discord, ensuring you receive the necessary support.

How do I report issues or provide feedback?

Designated channels on Discord will be set up for discussions, feature requests, and bug reports. Additionally, Billy Botanic can assist in initial feedback collection.

What’s the big advantage for early adopters in a program like this?

Early adopters play a pivotal role in shaping a product’s direction. By joining, you ensure the tools cater directly to your challenges, and you gain early access to cutting-edge solutions. Additionally, early adopters often receive exclusive offers and priority support, recognizing their invaluable contribution.

What do you get out of this?

For all your help in participating, we not only strive to create the best cannabis cultivation worker connected platform, but we will make it more than worth your time to help use build the future.

Frontline-Optimized Productivity

Embrace the Worker Connected Platform designed specifically for frontline cultivators. GITL and Billy Botanic offer an enhanced hands-on experience, boosting productivity without compromising on quality.

Direct Influence on Worker-Centered Development

Shape the evolution of GITL and Billy Botanic, ensuring they focus on the real-world needs of frontline cultivators like you.

Mobile-First Access to Cutting-Edge Technology

Experience the future of cannabis cultivation technology tailored for your mobile or tablet, ensuring you’re always in the loop while in the garden.

Consistently Optimal Harvests

With Billy’s focus on frontline workers, look forward to perfect harvests every time, even as you move around.

Seamless Field Coordination

Ensure that every team member, from the heart of the cultivation facility to the executives, is seamlessly aligned.

Real-time Decisions On-the-Go

Instant updates on tasks, inventory, and plant health at your fingertips, enabling swift decisions wherever you are in the facility.

Proactive Garden Insights: Leverage Billy’s machine learning algorithms, offering frontline-focused insights like harvest timings and potential risks, for informed cultivation.

Field-Specific Recommendations: As Billy learns, receive personalized cultivation suggestions, making your on-ground operations smoother and more efficient.

Instant Field Expertise: Directly in the garden, get real-time answers to your cultivation questions through Billy’s conversational AI.

Cost Efficiency On-the-Go: With early alerts on issues like pests, safeguard your garden and finances even as you navigate the facility.

Resource Recommendations at Hand: Billy’s on-the-spot suggestions ensure resources are utilized where they’re needed most, directly benefiting frontline operations.

Continuous Learning for Continuous Cultivation: Billy evolves with your field interactions, refining its assistance for your unique on-ground challenges.

Frontline Community Engagement: Connect with fellow cultivators, sharing frontline experiences and insights, enhancing collective knowledge.

Streamlined Cultivation Workflows: Experience enhanced operational flow in your garden with Billy’s frontline-optimized coordination.

Empowerment in Every Hand: Equip every team member, especially those on the ground, with the precise information they need when they need it.

Maximized ROI Directly in the Field: From optimized harvests to proactive actions, see tangible returns on your cultivation efforts directly in the garden.

Scalable Frontline Solutions: As your cultivation space grows, GITL and Billy Botanic grow with you, ensuring frontline needs are always addressed.

Pioneer in Frontline Cultivation Tech: Stand out as a leader in embracing advanced, frontline-optimized cannabis cultivation technology.

Exclusive Perks for Frontline Early Adopters: Enjoy special offers, discounts, or unique features, acknowledging your invaluable contribution from the heart of the cultivation facility.

Stay Ahead, On-the-Ground: Use real-time data to proactively tackle potential garden challenges, ensuring your crops always thrive.

Flexible pricing to meet the needs of any cultivator

Our Pricing Model

Base Fee

We believe in fair pricing. To cover basic service costs, we’ll implement a minimal monthly base fee for all customers. This foundational fee ensures the sustainability and constant improvement of our services. Initially, this fee will be waived, allowing early adopters to enjoy our services with only their consumption costs.

Service Levels

We understand different customers have different needs. That’s why we offer tiered service levels. Choose from our basic self-serve option for more independent management or opt for our higher-priced, high-touch support options if you require more extensive assistance.

Enterprise Discounts

For our larger customers, we offer volume discounts and custom pricing. This approach encourages deeper engagement and offers significant cost savings, especially for long-term commitments.

Consumption-Based Charges

Our platform is all about usage flexibility. Charges will be based on actual usage metrics, including the number of users, the volume of data processed, and the number of integrations. This means you only pay for what you use, ensuring a cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes.

Transparency in Billing

We’re committed to transparency. You’ll have a clear understanding of your Azure costs and how they translate into your bill. This transparency ensures no surprises and helps you manage your budget more effectively.

Scalable Support

As our customer base grows, so does our support system. We’re planning for scalable support through internal automation and systems, and by hiring new staff. This ensures that as your business grows, our support capabilities grow with you.