Big Data Analytics for the Cannabis Business

What is Analytics? Before the cloud and big data era, storage and processing of data was difficult and expensive. You needed costly hardware with massive compute power coupled with hard drives that could hold and process large blocks of data. Today, that processing has moved to the cloud with tools designed to meet the needsContinue reading “Big Data Analytics for the Cannabis Business”

Akerna is Poised to Win the Regulatory Compliance Game

Meeting regulatory compliance in Cannabis is a difficult job. This shouldn’t be the case. In more mature industries, meeting compliance is generally a commodity operation, easily outsourced or managed internally by trained and certified professionals. However, with U.S. federal legalization possibly years away, how does the CTO of a cannabis related business prepare? Does yourContinue reading “Akerna is Poised to Win the Regulatory Compliance Game”

Overcoming the Challenges of the Cannabis Industry in 2021

One of the clear takeaways from the financial track of this year’s MJBizCon is that there’s a lot of opportunity in the legal cannabis industry. The last few years have seen new states open to recreational legalization, like Montana, New Jersey, and South Dakota. And states like Arizona and Mississippi are legalizing. Startups are seeingContinue reading “Overcoming the Challenges of the Cannabis Industry in 2021”

I’m Back from MJBizCon 2021

It’s great to be home… MJBizCon 2021 was an absolute blast. My wife and I had a great time taking in some sights, eating at a few wonderful restaurants, and drinking more than a goldfish. Las Vegas can be a fun place. We also made quite a few connections on the show floor. There wereContinue reading “I’m Back from MJBizCon 2021”

MJBizCon This Week! is this week and I’m here! One of the many stated goals of this blog is to explore innovation in the cannabis space, specifically in the B2B side. This is apparently the place where deals get made, and great business relationships are formed. I’ll be handing out business cards and speaking to innovators thisContinue reading “MJBizCon This Week!”

What is CRB Solutions?

Greetings From MJBizCon 2021! If you’ve found this blog while in Vegas and you’re curious about what I’m about, please read the following: Building a cannabis business in the pre-federal legalization landscape As of the writing of this blog post, federal legalization of cannabis for medical and recreational use is still decidedly illegal. Though aContinue reading “What is CRB Solutions?”