Your technology should improve operations, not get in your way

Green Nanny wants to make cannabis cultivation operations as simple as a conversation

At Green Nanny, we embody a blend of deep-rooted expertise, innovative solutions, and a genuine commitment to fostering your cultivation success. Our journey began with a clear mission – to bridge the gap between the nuanced world of cannabis cultivation and the advancing tide of technology. This mission was ignited by our founders, Shawn and Elena, and is carried forward by a compact yet impactful team.

Green Nanny’s Mission, Values, and Philosophy

Who we are, and what we practice

Green Nanny is…

…more than just a technology company; it’s a mission-driven enterprise focused on improving operations for the frontline worker in the cannabis cultivation industry. This post serves to outline how Green Nanny aligns its business strategies, product development, and core philosophies to create an ethical and impactful contribution to the cultivation landscape. We explore the company’s mission, concerns regarding the ethical implications of our technology, our management philosophy, and how these elements are integrated into our product offerings.

Why Green Nanny Exists

Green Nanny was founded with a simple mission: to make the job of cannabis cultivators easier by reducing the burden of technology. We believe that by equipping cultivators with advanced, user-friendly tools, we can contribute to the industry’s growth in terms of both quantity and quality. Our focus is not merely on building a profitable business; we are driven by the relationships people have with the cannabis plant, ranging from medicinal benefits to experiential enrichment. Our aim is to remove both legal and financial barriers, ensuring that more people can benefit from this valuable resource.

Concerns and Ethical Implications

In the development of an Intelligent Integration Platform, Green Nanny is fully aware of the technology’s double-edged nature. While its capabilities can significantly empower workers, they can also be misused for excessive surveillance and control. We are committed to ensuring our technology serves as a force for good, not a tool for micromanagement. Our ethical guidelines are designed to align our services with organizations that share our belief in a humane, bottom-up approach to management, thereby minimizing the risk of misuse.

Management Philosophy

Green Nanny’s management style is grounded in a bottom-up approach, recognizing that the most valuable insights often come from those closest to the action. We reject the outdated “command and control” mentality, which we find not only inefficient but also counterproductive. Instead, our focus is on empowering plant-touching individuals, equipping them with the tools they need to make informed decisions. By doing so, we aim to create a work environment where intelligent technology serves as a copilot to the invaluable experience of the growers.

Product Development Aligned with Values

At Green Nanny, product development is not just about technological innovation; it’s an extension of our core values and mission. Our Intelligent Integration Platform is designed to be collaborative, event-driven, and centralized. It aims to break down information silos and make insights accessible to everyone in the organization. By doing this, we create a framework that aligns perfectly with our philosophy of empowering front-line workers and encouraging a bottom-up management style.

Our Commitment

Green Nanny is committed to being more than just a tech company; it’s an enterprise with a conscience. With its focus on easing the burden on cannabis cultivators through intelligent technology, it aims to make a positive impact on both the industry and society at large. By adhering to ethical guidelines, adopting a bottom-up management philosophy, and developing products that align with these principles, Green Nanny aspires to partner with like-minded organizations to create a better future for all stakeholders.

Unrivaled Expertise

A quarter-century of technical experience

Our strength lies in our authentic expertise. Shawn’s rich experience spanning a quarter-century in the tech realm, especially with Azure’s AI products, stands as a testament to our technological prowess. Having honed our skills across diverse sectors—from real estate and finance to electronics—we now dedicate our expertise exclusively to cannabis cultivation. This focus equips us with a nuanced understanding of the cultivation landscape, enabling us to devise solutions that are as insightful as they are innovative.

Focused on excellence

Our founder, Shawn, holds a robust suite of Azure certifications, underscoring our profound expertise in leveraging Microsoft’s cloud technologies to drive innovation in cannabis cultivation. Here are Shawn’s distinguished certifications:

  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert:
    • This esteemed certification demonstrates our capability to design, manage, and implement complex solutions on Azure, ensuring our solutions are architecturally sound and optimized for performance.
  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate:
    • With this certification, we exhibit a strong foundation in managing and configuring Azure services to ensure they operate reliably and efficiently, enabling us to deliver stable solutions.
  • Microsoft Certified: Azure IoT Developer Specialty:
    • This specialty certification showcases our expertise in developing IoT solutions, a crucial capability for real-time monitoring and data-driven decision-making in modern cultivation facilities.
  • Microsoft Certified: Azure AI Engineer Associate:
    • This certification stands as a testament to our proficiency in building, managing, and deploying AI solutions on Azure, fueling our endeavor to deliver intelligent conversational interfaces and data analytics solutions.

These certifications not only underscore our technical competency, but also our relentless commitment to staying ahead of the curve in delivering cutting-edge solutions for cannabis cultivators.

How we like to work…

How we empower you

  1. Resourceful Beginnings:
    • We believe in laying a strong foundation for good practices. Our Grower Resources library, rich with complimentary SOPs, checklists, and Policies, is a testament to this belief, aiding growers in embarking on a structured cultivation journey.
  2. Affordable and Reliable Solutions:
    • Our products are not only affordable but built on stable and trusted platforms like Notion or, ensuring you have reliable tools at your disposal without straining your budget.
  3. Amplifying Your Investments:
    • We respect and value your existing investments. Our solutions are crafted to amplify, not replace, the systems you already have in place, ensuring you get the most out of your operations.
  4. Co-Creation with Customers:
    • Your insights are invaluable. We are passionate about incorporating customer feedback into our design and development process, ensuring our solutions are tailored to meet the real, on-ground needs of our cultivator community.

We want to put the power of your whole technology stack in the hands of the people who need it most.

Tailored Solutions for Cannabis Cultivators

Our vision is to revolutionize cannabis cultivation by seamlessly intertwining plant monitoring data with state-of-the-art conversational AI. This synergy fosters a collaborative ecosystem where cultivation teams can swiftly react to pivotal plant lifecycle events. With reliable cloud technology and contemporary data platforms at the core, our intelligent systems are more than just tools—they are companions in your cultivation journey.

We invite you to explore the transformative solutions we offer, and discover how Green Nanny can be a catalyst in your cultivation success story. Your thriving garden, enhanced by intuitive technology, is just a conversation away.

Shawn and Elena

Green Nanny Solutions – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I find free cannabis cultivation resources online?

  • Explore the website and check the “Grower Resources” section for a vast array of free downloads designed specifically for cannabis cultivators.

2. What is the cost of the BoutiqueGrow Notion Suite, and how can I get it?

  • BoutiqueGrow is a comprehensive tool priced at $159. It’s designed for boutique and small-scale cannabis cultivators and is available for purchase on Gumroad.

3. I’ve heard about Green Nanny Solutions beta testing. When is it happening?

  • We’re gearing up for beta testing in Q1 2024. Stay in the loop by subscribing to our newsletter for announcements.

4. What’s the best way to reach Green Nanny Solutions for inquiries or support?

  • Contact us directly at 800-674-2879 or email We also have a convenient contact form on our site for any questions you might have.

5. Which platforms or accounts are needed for Green Nanny Solutions’ products?

  • To utilize BoutiqueGrow, you’ll need a Notion account. Our products like GrowerInTheLoop and Billy Botanic are cloud-hosted and integrate seamlessly with communication platforms like Slack and Teams.

6. Are there collaborations with other tech platforms?

  • Indeed! We’re proudly partnered with, an IoT time series data platform, and are actively building more technology partnerships to enhance our offerings.

7. How can I provide feedback or suggestions to Green Nanny Solutions?

  • Your feedback is invaluable. Navigate to our ‘about us’ page to find our feedback form and share your thoughts.

8. Are there training materials available for cannabis cultivation using Green Nanny Solutions products?

  • BoutiqueGrow offers in-depth documentation. Training materials for other products are currently under development and will soon be accessible under the “Grower Resources” section.

9. How does Green Nanny Solutions prioritize user data protection and cybersecurity?

  • We prioritize data security by leveraging trusted identity providers like Google, Facebook, and Azure’s Entra ID B2C. Complying with all US PII laws, we ensure regular audits by reputed security firms.

10. Will Green Nanny Solutions expand to other agricultural sectors?

  • Our heart lies with cannabis growers. However, the future might see us delving into Controlled Environment Agriculture solutions while still empowering frontline agricultural workers.

11. Are there plans for Green Nanny Solutions to be present at cannabis or agricultural expos?

  • Currently, our vision is laser-focused on product development. While we might attend events, our main priority remains innovation.

12. How do I keep updated with Green Nanny Solutions’ advancements?

  • Stay informed with all our latest developments, offers, and news by subscribing to our newsletter.

13. Is there a dedicated support channel for BoutiqueGrow?

14. Does Green Nanny Solutions offer promotional discounts for their products?

  • Our beta testers currently enjoy complimentary access. Specific pricing and potential discounts will be determined in the future.

15. How are product features or updates decided at Green Nanny Solutions?

  • At the heart of our product development lies customer feedback. We value your insights and use analytics to prioritize feature releases and updates.

16. What’s the best real-time communication channel with Green Nanny Solutions?

  • Engage with us during our Discord server office hours or interact with our Billy Botanic chatbot on the website.

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