Fertilization schedule checklist

- [ ]  Determine the appropriate nutrient ratios for each growth stage (vegetative, flowering, etc.)
- [ ]  Select high-quality, compatible fertilizers and amendments based on plant needs
- [ ]  Verify that all fertilizers and amendments comply with local regulations and facility protocols
- [ ]  Schedule regular nutrient solution preparation and application events
- [ ]  Measure and adjust the pH of the nutrient solution to ensure optimal nutrient availability
- [ ]  Monitor nutrient solution electrical conductivity (EC) or total dissolved solids (TDS) to assess concentration
- [ ]  Gradually increase nutrient strength as plants grow and mature
- [ ]  Adjust nutrient ratios and application rates based on plant response and visual cues (e.g., leaf color)
- [ ]  Implement a regular flushing schedule to prevent nutrient buildup and salt accumulation
- [ ]  Monitor and document nutrient application events, plant response, and any adjustments made
- [ ]  Train staff on proper fertilization techniques, nutrient management, and troubleshooting
- [ ]  Review and update fertilization schedule as needed to optimize plant growth and yield

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