Standard Operating Procedure for Security Protocols

1. Purpose

The purpose of this SOP is to provide guidance for the security protocols and procedures within the cannabis cultivation facility.

2. Scope

This document covers the procedures and protocols for maintaining the security of the cannabis cultivation facility, including access control, surveillance, and emergency response.

3. Prerequisites

Before implementing security protocols and procedures, the following prerequisites must be met:

  • A security policy and procedures must be in place and approved.
  • All employees must receive a security orientation upon hire.
  • All employees must be trained on the specific security procedures relevant to their job duties.

4. Responsibilities

This SOP applies to the following roles:

  • [ ] Master Grower
  • [x] Quality Assurance
  • [x] Assistant Growers
  • [x] Financial Officer
  • [x] Security Director
  • [ ] IT Directory
  • [ ] Courier – Driver
  • [x] Internal Auditor

Responsibilities of the Quality Assurance, Assistant Growers, Financial Officer, Security Director, and Internal Auditor include:

  • Ensuring that all employees follow security protocols and procedures.
  • Monitoring employee compliance with security procedures and identifying areas where additional training may be needed.
  • Reporting any concerns or issues related to security to the Master Grower.

5. Procedure

The following steps should be followed to maintain the security of the cannabis cultivation facility:

  1. Access control
    • Limit access to the facility to authorized personnel only.
    • Issue identification badges to all employees and visitors.
    • Monitor and document all personnel entering and exiting the facility.
    • Implement visitor protocols and maintain visitor logs.
  2. Surveillance
    • Install and maintain security cameras throughout the facility.
    • Monitor security camera footage regularly.
    • Implement alarm systems and maintain logs of all alarm activations.
  3. Emergency response
    • Develop and implement emergency response procedures for security breaches, fire, natural disasters, and medical emergencies.
    • Train all employees on the emergency response procedures and conduct regular emergency response drills.
  4. Incident reporting and investigation
    • Document and report all security incidents to the appropriate personnel.
    • Conduct investigations into all security incidents and develop strategies to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.

6. References

  • Approved security policy and procedures
  • State or local regulations regarding security protocols
  • Relevant industry standards and best practices

7. Reporting

All concerns or issues related to security protocols and procedures should be reported to the Master Grower in a timely manner. Any required reporting to regulatory agencies should be completed in a timely manner.

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