News for 09/12/2023

News from Green Nanny for early September with mentions of Billy Botanic, GrowerInTheLoop, and our Plant Monitoring articles on CEN.

Billy Botanic is live… sort of

Hey, growers! Great news. We have the very first version of Billy Botanic on the front page ready for you to play with. Right now, it’s using a limited set of data while I play with connecting it to GrowerInTheLoop and build out the various smart integrations.

If you want to check out the data the bot is currently trained on, it’s here:

I’ll continue to post updates as we reach some of our milestone goals with the bot, like deploying to Slack, Teams, and other chat platforms. We’re also deeply integrating it with the Intelligent Platform GrowerInTheLoop. And of course, if you’re interested in a custom version for your cultivation facility, now’s the best time to get on board.

The Role of IoT in Modern Cannabis Cultivation now live on Cannabis Equipment News

I worked on a whole series of articles covering how IoT devices and scientific equipment can help cultivators make more informed decisions for their crop steering. As of this posting, there are now 2 articles published, but there are 14 more in the publishing pipeline.

This series discusses the use of IoT telemetry in various aspects of cannabis cultivation, including plant care, growing media, disease and pest control, CO2 monitoring, canopy management, and monitoring beneficial microorganisms. By leveraging real-time data and advanced analytics, cultivators can optimize growth conditions, maximize yields, and ensure the overall health of their crops.

Read those articles here:

The road ahead

Yeah, we’re counting down to MJBizCon. November will be here before you know it. I plan to have a more advanced version of Billy Botanic available to show off. We don’t have a booth this year, but we might consider it for next year, depending on how well Billy catches on.

Until then, keep growing!

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