New for 08-07-2023

News from Green Nanny for 08-07-2023

If you haven’t seen it, Shawn Deggans appeared on the July 21, 2023 Cannabis Equipment News Podcast titled, “Shawn Deggans: No One Wants to Replace Growers”. You can access the full episode here: No One Wants to Replace Growers

We also completed our BETA release of our GrowerInTheLoop self-assessment. This is our maturity model report that will help growers select the right technology for their current maturity level of operation, and plan for steps to move to the next levels, if they so choose.

Shawn and Elena will be attending MJBizCon again in November. A strategic announcement will be made.

Shawn Deggans also shared the current tech stack selections for our cultivation operations platform that’s currently under design on LinkedIn: an operations platform for a cultivation team

We’re working on a webinar with Clarify that should release soon. Clarify is a big component of our operations platform, and we’re excited to show you how it will help operations team monitor and care for plants in a way that puts the data and communications with your team in the palm of your hand.

A few big projects in the works:

Shawn wrote an article for Cannabis Equipment News on June 23, 2023 titled, Your Guide to Choosing the Right IoT Devices for Your Cannabis Cultivation Facility Now he’s working on a complete series that will cover plant monitoring for all 14 pillars of plant care.

This website will soon undergo a refresh. We’re focusing more on our platform development offering going into 2024, and that will soon be reflected here.

Other things we’re interested in:

The Cannabis Framework Project aims to craft comprehensive solutions to complex challenges facing the cannabis industry today.

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