Shawn Deggans Spearheads Operational Efficiency as Fractional CTO at Papa Jesus Farms

Green Nanny’s founder and technologist, Shawn Deggans, has recently stepped into a significant role as a fractional CTO at Papa Jesus Farms, an organic cannabis cultivation company based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. This role marks a new chapter in Deggans’ mission to seamlessly integrate technology into traditional farming practices, aligning perfectly with Green Nanny’s vision to help growers “spend more time in the garden and less on technology.”

In his initial phase at Papa Jesus Farms, Deggans has set a clear focus on identifying time-consuming operations that could benefit from strategic technological solutions. A primary area of concern involves the current labor-intensive manual documentation processes mandated by the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA). Deggans aims to automate these tasks, enhancing data accuracy and streamlining workflows.

An integral part of Deggans’ approach involves leveraging the seed-to-sale tracking system, METRC. Despite its reputation for not being particularly user-friendly for growers, Deggans views the METRC API as a key resource. Through it, he plans to automate several of the farm’s processes, simplifying workflows, and ensuring regulatory compliance.

During this journey, Deggans has engaged the expertise of Alex Burnett from Canna Innovations. Burnett’s comprehensive overview of the harvest process and operational perspective have been instrumental in shaping Deggans’ approach and refining his event modeling strategy. This collaboration underlines the value of external consultation in enhancing internal operational dynamics.

As Deggans continues his role at Papa Jesus Farms, he faces the unique challenge of balancing technological advancements with the farm’s hands-on, organic nature. His guiding philosophy is rooted in Green Nanny’s ethos: to create solutions that allow growers to focus more on their plants and less on technology.

At Papa Jesus Farms, the amalgamation of tradition and technology is not merely an add-on; it’s an ongoing, deliberate process. Deggans, with his visionary approach, is helping carve a path where technology enhances organic farming, shaping the future of cannabis cultivation one innovation at a time.

We at Green Nanny are excited about this ongoing journey and look forward to sharing further developments as Deggans continues his work at Papa Jesus Farms. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting venture!

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