Green Nanny First Quarter Update

Green Nanny LLC, a company focused on helping cannabis cultivators digitally mature, has had a busy first quarter of 2023. The company is moving away from being a side-hustle and has been working with partners to deliver solutions. Green Nanny has developed a maturity model to help cultivators progress from using a pencil and clipboard to a digital platform. Over the next three months, Green Nanny plans to release several products and services to help cultivators achieve digital maturity, including a Notion Workspace Template, a self-assessment tool, and integrations with partner products.

Hey, Shawn here, and I’m excited to share with you some updates about our first quarter of 2023.

We’re based in Texas, where the colder days of winter are finally turning into warmer days of spring. As someone who enjoys the heat, I’m looking forward to summer, despite the challenges it poses for outdoor plants and electric bills.

Green Nanny is starting to grow as a company and move away from being just a side-hustle. Although we’re still in the early stages of development, we have expenses and require a lot of time and attention. I’m working hard to produce products that can take us from infancy to at least the toddler stage by the end of the year.

While I wait for that maturity to kick in, I’m spending a lot of time working with partners to deliver solutions. Most of these solutions are not in the cannabis domain, but manufacturing, healthcare, and workshop facilitation. That type of work will continue throughout this year, and I’m grateful for these partnerships and the opportunities they’ve brought me.

Since January, I’ve been working more heavily with AI services like ChatGPT and MidJourney. These tools have finally matured to a point where they’re useful and accessible, and I’m sure they will become a regular part of my future product offerings.

In February, I solidified the vision for Green Nanny. Our focus is to help growers spend more time in the garden and less time on technology, specifically in the cannabis industry. We’ve created as a branding umbrella to hold a variety of products, services, and consulting offerings that help cultivators digitally mature.

To help cultivators understand where they are in their digital journey and where they could be, we’ve developed a maturity model based on the four big metrics that most cultivators care about. This model focuses on plant care, as we believe that precise plant care is the foundation for success in cannabis cultivation. Our goal is to help cultivators progress from using a pencil and clipboard to a digital platform that will increase their efficiency and cost savings.

Moving forward, we have several products and services that we plan to release over the next three months. These include:

  • A Notion Workspace Template for Cultivation Facility Operations, which we’ll price to make it more affordable for smaller and mid-sized cultivators. We also plan to build upon it in the future.
  • The Cultivation Facility Maturity Model Framework Self-Assessment, which is more than just an online survey. It’s a tool that facility owners can use to work with their teams to begin their path toward digital maturity. We’re also building a members site where cultivators can find support materials for the maturity model, take training courses, or get personalized recommendations from Green Nanny consultants.
  • Integrating GrowerInTheLoop concepts with our partner products, starting with We’ll develop training materials and approaches to help cultivators make the most of and the GrowerInTheLoop approach.

We’re also working with several partners and cultivators, including Papa Jesus Farms in Oklahoma City,,, and Oklahoma METRC. Stay tuned for more updates about these collaborations.

Thank you for reading, and we look forward to sharing more updates about Green Nanny with you soon!

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