I’m Back from MJBizCon 2021

It’s great to be home…

MJBizCon 2021 was an absolute blast. My wife and I had a great time taking in some sights, eating at a few wonderful restaurants, and drinking more than a goldfish. Las Vegas can be a fun place.

We also made quite a few connections on the show floor. There were a few assumptions I wanted to test out, and walking the floor and talking to the hundreds of vendors made that fairly simple. Here were a few things I discovered.

  1. There’s still a lot of space in the software and integration services
  2. Lots of companies are looking to partner with providers – I think other tech folks are taking lessons learned from other industries and moving them directly into the cannabis space.
  3. Cannabis businesses, despite being in a highly regulated industry, are still searching for governance, guidance, and the same sort of oversight solutions you need in any industry.

One of the more mature areas I think is marketing. There were a number of great players in this space, both from the technical side and from the retail side. Packaging, digital signage, and general marketing systems were in abundance.

There were a few new things, to me – blockchain stickers. These were meant for tracking, security, and brand awareness. I’ve always thought tying unique products to the blockchain was a good use of the technology.

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I'm here to help cannabis related businesses understand what technology solutions will help them succeed.

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