Cultivation IT Professionals

Planning, delivering, and integrating advanced data and cloud solutions for the CEA farmer using IoT, Edge, and AI

Our Core Drivers

As a consulting and technology company, Green Nanny brings a core set of driving principles to every engagement and product.

Outcome Discovery

Outcome Discovery is the first step to creating a successful solution and should be done thoroughly.

Customer Value Chain

Customer Value Chain Discovery should be used to align opportunities, solutions and experiments with the desired business outcomes.

User Centric Design

We listen to the stories of experts to understand how to align business systems and process to the right technology.

Reflect Reality

We believe the best technology is that which brings the most important information to the right people at the right time for actionable insights.

Team Focused

We look for and build collaborative tools that bring people together in the way that works best for your organization’s specific needs.


Quality and improvement are a constant practice. We practice using small experiments with quick feedback loops. We’re informed by Domain-driven Design, DevOps, and Cloud Native approaches to technology delivery.

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