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Life with Billy on your team…

The whole crew for Green Haven cannabis cultivation company represented in four different frames.

Welcome to Green Haven: A Place Where Plants and Technology Flourish Together

Journey with us into the heart of Green Haven, a fictional cannabis cultivation facility where challenges are just opportunities waiting to be seized. Here, every decision, every challenge, and every triumph is a story waiting to be told.

Will Eli, the observant Grow Tech, find a way to revive the ‘Sour Diesel’ plants showing signs of distress?

Eli’s Unexpected Obstacle

During Eli’s morning rounds, he was following his task plan meticulously, a combination of routine checks and specific tasks that Maya, the Head Grower, had assigned to him. As he was scouting for pests and potential issues, he noticed the drooping, yellowing leaves on a ‘Sour Diesel’ plant.

Concerned, he quickly pulled up Billy on Microsoft Teams, snapped a picture of the distressed plant, and another of its METRC tag for reference.

“Billy,” he typed, “I’ve come across this ‘Sour Diesel’ plant that doesn’t look too healthy. Can you help diagnose the issue?”

In moments, Billy analyzed the images and responded, “It appears the plant is suffering from a nutrient deficiency.”

Realizing the gravity of the situation, Eli asked, “Billy, can we open a trouble ticket with the cultivation facility’s operations platform?”

Billy promptly generated a button within the Teams App, guiding Eli to the ticketing system. As Eli filled out the necessary details, Billy auto-populated some of the information for efficiency.

Once completed, Eli shared the ticket number with Billy: “#GH2378”.

Billy then referenced the SOPs and noted, “Eli, it seems you’re skilled in nutrient remediation. Would you like to consult the SOP to address this?”

Eli replied, “Yes, please.”

Moments later, an in-depth SOP appeared on his screen, guiding him on the corrective measures.

Eli quickly set to work, following the SOP’s steps. Meanwhile, Billy updated the trouble ticket, highlighting Eli’s proactive steps and noting the need for a review of the nutrient SOPs to prevent similar future issues.

Once Eli finished the corrective measures, he updated Billy.

“Done with the remediation.”

Billy recorded Eli’s progress on the trouble ticket and then added, “I recommend keeping a close eye on this plant over the next few days to ensure it recovers fully. I’ll notify Maya as well.”

Shortly after, Maya received a message on Teams from Billy, detailing the situation, the remediation steps taken, and the pending review of the nutrient SOPs. Impressed with Eli’s initiative and grateful for Billy’s assistance, she replied, “Thanks, Billy. Great job, Eli! Let’s discuss the nutrient SOPs in our next meeting.”

As the day concluded, Eli felt a deep sense of satisfaction.

With Billy’s support and the cohesive collaboration at Green Haven, every challenge was just another opportunity for growth.

When Maya, the ambitious Head Grower, dreams of steering crops towards higher yields, who does she turn to for insights and collaboration?

Maya’s Master Plan: Crop Steering with Clarify

As the sun rose over Green Haven, Maya, the passionate Head Grower, gazed at her control systems’ dashboard on For the first time, all her room’s time series data stared back at her from one unified platform. The potential was palpable, and she knew she had to harness it.

Determined to maximize yields, Maya was keen on implementing crop steering for the upcoming clones scheduled for Room #1. But she needed specifics. Turning to her trusted digital ally, she messaged, “Billy, can we pull up the strain data for these clones from our Notion database?”

Billy, ever efficient, replied, “Absolutely. Here’s the detailed profile for the strain you’ll be moving to Room #1.”

After reviewing, Maya asked, “Billy, based on this strain’s needs, can you prepare an ideal conditions plan and integrate alerts into Clarify?”

Billy responded, “Certainly. Would you like to make this a project for more structured tracking and record it in our systems?”

Seeing the bigger picture, Maya replied, “Yes, and let’s tag Eli and Sam. Could you also project the likely dates for each growth stage and a potential harvest date?”

In a matter of minutes, Billy crafted a comprehensive Gantt chart on Microsoft Project. Drawing from the knowledge base, he listed out required materials and assigned roles to team members. “Maya, would a kickoff meeting help align everyone?”

She agreed, and Billy promptly scheduled it.

The next day, in Green Haven’s conference room, Maya, alongside Sam and Eli, reviewed the plan. Sam, looking at the bill of materials, inquired, “Billy, can this be integrated into our ERP system?”

Billy quickly prepared an import for review.

Eli voiced his concerns about the accuracy of the SOP data for the strain. Recalling past experiences, he said, “I remember needing to adjust watering last time. And Billy, we should re-check the suggested VPD.”

Recognizing Eli’s hands-on expertise, Maya proposed adding extra monitoring and projections. “Billy, can we request a forecasting model to sync with Clarify? One that tracks both the suggested values and Eli’s modifications?”

Billy responded affirmatively, “I’ll ensure the model allows for tracking both sets of values. And I’ll reserve a timeline to overlay these data points as needed.”

With a clear roadmap, the team felt confident. Maya, reflecting on the day, felt grateful for the blend of human expertise and digital prowess. Together, they were poised to set new benchmarks in cultivation.

Facing a surprise inspection, can Sam and Priya, the dynamic duo handling operations and compliance, ensure Green Haven is up to the mark?

Sam and Priya’s Proactive Preparations

A sudden email notification jolted Sam, the Operations Officer, from his morning routine. The state was sending an inspector that week! Aware of the pressing need for a thorough check, he immediately turned to Billy for a mock audit across all systems.

“Billy, let’s run a mock audit,” he instructed, adding, “Notify Maya and Eli too. We need a full inventory sweep.”

Billy promptly acknowledged and sent out notifications.

Maya immediately set Eli in motion to conduct an exhaustive inventory check of all plants in the grow rooms. While Eli got to work, Billy also looped in Priya, the Compliance Officer, who, upon seeing Billy’s notification, connected with Sam.

“Got your email, Sam,” Priya started, a hint of urgency in her tone. “What’s the situation?”

Sam explained about the impending inspection, emphasizing the criticality of aligning their data with METRC, which they considered their source of truth. Priya, always systematic, began her METRC review, later saving all inventory reports to a drive accessible by Billy.

“Billy, can we reconcile our systems against METRC?” she inquired.

Upon Billy’s analysis, a discrepancy emerged. The physical plant inventory in the flower room, based on Eli’s recent scan, didn’t match the system’s records. Priya’s heart raced as she delved deeper, discovering that during the last harvest, some plants were overlooked. This was a time before their switch to StashStock’s CannaScale, which now streamlined their processes.

Racking her brain, Priya remembered the older, handwritten logs. With Eli’s assistance, she located the logs and identified the batch and wet weight of the overlooked plant. A quick snapshot of the logs, and Billy converted the image into an Excel spreadsheet.

Now, with a clearer view, Priya could pinpoint the METRC-recorded items that the handwritten logs had missed.

Documenting the oversight, Priya updated their Quality Assurance system and made the necessary corrections in METRC. Billy assisted her in composing a detailed email to Sam, outlining the steps taken to address the issue.

Days later, as the state inspector walked through Green Haven, Sam and Priya exchanged confident glances. The inspection was seamless.

Exiting the facility, Sam turned to Priya, “We make a good team, don’t we?”

Priya smiled, “With Billy on our side, we’re unbeatable.”

CEO Lena has a visionary idea for Green Haven. How does she bring all her data into a unified vision for the team?

Lena’s Strategic Vision for Green Haven

Lena, the CEO of Green Haven Cultivation, had always been a forward thinker. Sitting in her office, she reviewed the quarterly financials. Business was flourishing, but she knew that to sustain growth, she’d need to make strategic, data-driven decisions.

It was time to leverage Green Haven’s vast data reservoirs more effectively. Summoning her core team – Maya, the Head Grower; Sam, the Operations Officer; and Priya, the Compliance Officer – she initiated a brainstorming session.

“I’ve been thinking about how we can use our data more strategically. We have all this information on from our plant monitoring systems, our financial records, market trends, and more. How can we harness this to forecast and plan our next steps?”

Maya, always focused on plant health and yield, replied, “It would be insightful to predict which strains might be the most profitable in the upcoming seasons based on current market trends.”

Sam, with his operations perspective, chimed in, “Understanding our operational costs in-depth and forecasting them based on our growth plans would be invaluable.”

Priya added, “From a compliance standpoint, being able to predict potential regulatory changes or requirements based on historical data and industry movements could give us a head start.”

Nodding, Lena turned to Billy, “Can we start by analyzing our sales data, cross-referencing it with market trends and forecasting the most profitable strains for the next year?”

Billy responded by pulling up an interactive dashboard that provided a deep dive into Green Haven’s sales over the past years, highlighting strains that had been top sellers. Using market trend data, Billy also showcased a predictive model, forecasting potential top-performing strains for the upcoming year.

Lena, visibly impressed, added, “Billy, can we also simulate how changes in our operations or scaling up might impact our costs and profits?”

Once again, Billy provided a detailed projection, helping the team visualize the financial implications of their strategic decisions.

As the meeting wrapped up, Lena felt more confident than ever about Green Haven’s future. With Billy’s data prowess and her team’s expertise, they were not just reacting to the market but shaping their own destiny. As she glanced outside, she didn’t just see a thriving cannabis facility but a beacon of innovation, setting benchmarks for the entire industry.

And then there’s Billy, the digital backbone of Green Haven. How does a week in Billy’s bytes look like?

Billy’s Busy Week at Green Haven


Morning: Billy sent out reminders to the grow techs, Eli and Jordan, detailing their tasks for the day. Eli was scheduled to scout Room #2 for pests and potential issues, referencing the time he discovered the ‘Sour Diesel’ plants’ health concerns. Meanwhile, Jordan was deep into preparations in Room #4, adjusting light schedules, and ensuring optimal nutrient mixes, especially after the recent discussions on crop steering.

Afternoon: Lena, the CEO, reflecting on her strategic goals for Green Haven, checked in with Billy about the nursery clones, keen on ensuring that the new plantings benefited from all the data-driven insights they’ve been gathering. Billy, pulling metrics from, confirmed the clones were ready for relocation. Maya was immediately informed to strategize the move.


Morning: Sam and Priya, recalling their previous METRC reconciliation success, collaborated with Billy to ensure the METRC RFID tags were ready for the clones. Billy, ever-efficient, provided the exact number required.

Afternoon: With StashStock’s technology at hand, Eli and Jordan began tagging the clones. Billy’s role was crucial, cross-referencing each clone’s data with METRC RFID, ensuring accuracy.


Morning: The excitement for Room #3’s harvest was palpable. Billy, anticipating the needs, sent out a detailed harvesting SOP from Notion to Eli, Jordan, and the team, reminding them of best practices and insights from previous harvests.

Afternoon: The team, equipped with StashStock’s CannaScale, weighed the fresh harvest. Billy, in seamless integration, captured the weight data and ensured its accurate entry into METRC.


Morning: Eli, with the recent ‘Sour Diesel’ incident fresh in mind, paid special attention to Billy’s reminders about Room #2’s requirements. For Room #4, nearing its harvest, Jordan meticulously followed Billy’s checklist, ensuring no oversight.

Afternoon: Maya, eager to see the outcome of their recent relocations, checked in with Billy on the clones in Flower Room #1. Using data from, Billy showcased their promising growth metrics.


Morning: Priya, always on top of compliance, requested a comprehensive report from Billy. He promptly generated a detailed overview, covering METRC entries, RFID tagging, and harvest data.

Afternoon: Sam and Maya, with the week’s successes and challenges in mind, convened to strategize for the upcoming days. Billy’s insights, especially regarding the StashStock integrations, played a pivotal role in their discussions.

End of Week: While the cultivation facility remains operational on the weekends, with dedicated grow techs on site, the core team takes a breather. But even during these off hours, Billy ensures seamless communication between the team and the facility. Whether it’s real-time metrics from, updates on ongoing tasks, or alerts from the facility’s monitoring systems, Billy keeps everyone in the loop. This uninterrupted connectivity ensures that Green Haven’s pursuit of excellence never takes a break, and the team always remains just a message away from their thriving cultivation center.

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